Pre-symposium of ZMPC2018 in Tokyo
"International Symposium on Advanced Zeolite Science & Technology"

主催 ZMPC2018 & 東京工業大学ナノ空間触媒研究ユニット
後援 東京工業大学WRHI 

Pre-symposium of ZMPC2018 in Tokyo“International Symposium on Advanced Zeolite Science & Technology” will be held in Tamachi Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology August 4th.


9:00 - 17:00, August 4th

Venue & Access

Venue: “International Meeting Room”, 1F, Tokyo Tech Campus Innovation Center
3-3-6 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023, Japan
TEL. +81-3-3454-8761
東京工業大学田町キャンパス内、キャンパス・イノベーションセンター、1F 国際会議室

Access: Here

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Program / Invited speakers

9:00 Registration
9:25 Opening remarks
9:30 Dr. Petr Sazama / web
J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Title: Catalytic Properties of 3D Graphene-Like Microporous Carbons Synthesized in a Zeolite Template
10:10 Dr. Massimo Migliori / web
University of Calabria, Italy
Title: DME synthesis via carbon dioxide oxidation: the role of ferrierite nanocrystals
10:50 Break
11:00 Prof. Rajamani Gounder / web
Purdue University
Title: Mechanistic evidence for coordination-insertion dimerization of ethene on Ni cations confined within Beta molecular sieves
11:40 Luncheon seminars by Anton Paar & UNION SHOWA K.K.
13:00 Dr. Evgeni Pidko / web
Delft University of Technology / ITMO University, St. Petersburg
Title: Complexity behind the zeolite-catalyzed alkylation process: hydride transfer versus deprotonation kinetics in the isobutane-propene alkylation reaction
13:40 Dr. Andrei-Nicolae Parvulescu / web
BASF SE, Germany
Title: Progress in industrial zeolite chemistry: synthesis and application
14:20 Prof. Minkee Choi / web
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Title: Elucidating the Catalytic Functions of Hydrogen Spillover with Pt-Encapsulated Zeolites Having Controlled Defect Structures
15:00 Break
15:30 Dr. David Flaherty / web
University of Illinois, USA
Title: Epoxidation Mechanisms, Active Intermediates, and Functional Descriptors for Dispersed Transition Metals within Microporous and Mesoporous Materials
16:10 Dr. Toru Wakihara / web
The University of Tokyo, Japan
Title: Continuous flow synthesis of ZSM-5 zeolite on the order of seconds
16:40 Closing remarks
17:00 Dinner / Banquet
Place: Shinagawa
北海道 留萌マルシェ 品川店

Registration fee

We accept payment by only cash at on-site.
Registration fee Banquet fee
General Participant from Japan: 5,000 JPY 5,000 JPY
Students from Japan: 1,000 JPY 2,000 JPY
General Participant from overseas
who will attend ZMPC2018:
free free
Students from overseas:
who will attend ZMPC2018:
free free
General Participant from overseas: 5,000 JPY 5,000 JPY
Students from overseas: 1,000 JPY 2,000 JPY

How to Register for Pre-symposium of ZMPC2018 in Tokyo

Please e-mail until July 20, 2018
  • Name:
  • Nationality:
  • Affiliation:
  • ZMPC2018 Registration No. (if you have):
  • Type: General/Student
  • Banquet: Yes/No

  • Capacity. 100
    Application Deadline: July 20, 2018

    氏名、所属(学生は研究室名)、区分(一般/学生)、ZMPC2018のRegistration No. 、懇親会出席の有無を明記してください。申込期限は7/20です。

    Organizers of Pre-symposium of ZMPC2018 in Tokyo

    Chair: Toshiyuki Yokoi, Associate Professor
    Nanospace Catalysis Unit, Institute of Innovative Research,
    Tokyo Institute of Technology
    E-mail: yokoi(at)
    Tel: +81-45-924-5430 Fax: +81-45-924-5431

    Chair: Toru Wakihara, Associate Professor
    Department of Chemical System Engineering, School of Engineering,
    The University of Tokyo
    E-mail: wakihara(at)
    Tel: +81-3-5841-7368 Fax: +81-3-5800-3806

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