Scientific and Social Programs

Scientific Program

The scientific program ofZMPC2018 will consist of plenary and keynote lectures, and oral, poster and RRR (Recent Research Reports, poster) presentations. Oral and Poster presentations will be held in Room X (= 503), Y (= 501) and Z (= 502), 5th floor in Conference center, PACIFICO Yokohama. ZMPC2018 Program at a glance is here. Plenary and keynote lecturers are listed below.

  • PL, KL and Oral: Program (Revised on August 1st)
  • Poster and RRR: Program (Revised on August 1st)

Information for Oral Presenters

Presentation Time

  • Plenary Lecture: 1 hour, including discussion
  • Keynote Lecture: 30 min, including discussion
  • Oral: 20min, including 5 min discussion

First of all, Go to Speaker Ready Room (4th Floor, Room 421)

    Authors should prepare your presentation file as the PowerPoint form, ppt or pptx file. You bring USB memory stick, or CD-ROM, the file was saved in, to Speaker Ready Room on 4th Floor on the venue, 2 hours before your presentation. The authors also choose pdf format as presentation file-type. In the Speaker Ready Room, we confirm the arrival of the speaker and then the speaker name and the presentation title. In each presentation room, only the laptop PC, we set, is available for your presentation, where your file has already transferred from Speaker Ready Room. USB memory stick, including Abstracts, will be given in the Registration desk, in which all the Abstracts of ZMPC2018 were saved, so that you can use it, bringing it to the Speaker Ready Room. In Speaker Ready Room, you can check the file through the similar screen in the presentation room. If you have any trouble and/or anxiety in the presentation, you may ask us in any time.


    1. You don’t use your own PC in your Oral presentation. If you exceptionally wish to use yours, please ask a staff in the Speaker Ready Room.
    2. In the Speaker Ready Room, we will also confirm the speaker and title along the scientific program of the Oral presentation. If you don’t come to the Speaker Ready Room so that we cannot confirm them, the respective presentation will sometimes be cancelled.
    3. When you notice troubles in the screen play etc., please ask a staff in the Speaker Ready Room. A staff in the presentation room cannot follow you.
    4. For users of Macintosh or iPad, Apple products, you absolutely never use it in the presentation.

    Speaker Ready Room, Open time :

  • 5th, Sunday 14:00 - 19:00
  • 6th, Monday 9:00 - 17:30
  • 7th, Tuesday 9:00 - 17:30
  • 8th, Wednesday 9:00 - 17:30
  • 9th, Thursday 9:00 - 15:00
  • 10th, Friday 9:00 - 11:00

  • Thank you very much for your well understanding smooth progression along our scientific program.

    Information for Poster Presenters

    Presentation time

    6th (Monday): 18:30 - 20:00
    8th (Wednesday): 16:30 - 18:00


    1. You can put the poster board with your Poster paper from 10:00 a.m. on the same day for your presentation. You must mount it by 15:00. You should remove your paper from the board by 20:30 on the same day.
    2. Poster board, as shown below, is portrait style one with 900 mm in width and 2100 mm in height. Mounting area is 850 mm in width and 2050 mm in height. We recommend A0 size, 841mm × 1,189mm or 34 inch × 48 inch for a poster.
    3. We prepare tacks or adhesives tape for mounting a paper.
    4. You cannot use a printer in our office so that you should bring Poster paper as printed matter.

    Plenary Lecturers for ZMPC 2018

    Prof. Avelino Corma / web
    Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica, Spain
    Title: Designing zeolites for catalytic applications
    Prof. Takao Masuda / web
    Hokkaido University, Japan
    Title: Zeolite Framework as Matrix for Nano-particles of Active Species
    Dr. Charles H.F. Peden / web
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
    Title: Cu/SSZ-13 Catalysts for the Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx: Unusual Features of the Complex Redox Reaction Mechanism
    Prof. Valentin Valtchev / web
    ENSICAEN, France
    Title: Tuning Zeolite Properties: In-situ versus Post-Synthesis Methods
    Prof. Yushan Yan / web
    University of Delaware, USA
    Title: New covalent organic frameworks: Synthesis, adsorption, ion exchange, and cascade catalysis
    Prof. Dongyuan Zhao / web
    Fudan University, China
    Title: Interfacial Assembly and Engineering of Ordered Functional Mesoporous Materials with Multi-Level Architectures
    Prof. Xiaodong Zou / web
    Stockholm University, Sweden
    Title: The impacts of electron crystallographic techniques for structure elucidation and discovery of new zeolites and metal-organic frameworks

    Keynote Lecturers for ZMPC 2018

    Prof. Shunai Che / web
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    Title: π-π Interaction of Aromatic Groups in Amphiphilic Molecules Directing For Highly Ordered Mesoporous Zeolite
    Prof. Minkee Choi / web
    Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
    Title: Rational Design of Solid Adsorbent for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture via Temperature Swing Adsorption
    Dr. Akira Endo / web
    Title: Measurement of N2/Ar/H2O Adsorption Isotherms on Zeolites from Very Low Pressures
    Prof. Javier Garcia-Martinez / web
    University of Alicante / Rive Technology
    Title: Engineering zeolite porosity for superior catalytic performance
    Prof. Jorge Gascon / web
    Title: New concepts in the design of Heterogeneous Catalysts
    Prof. Rajamani Gounder / web
    Purdue University
    Title: Synthetic control of acid site proximity in chabazite zeolites and consequences for Bronsted acid catalysis
    Dr. Hong-Xin Li / web
    Zeolyst / PQ Corporation
    Title: Advanced Zeolite Catalysis Technologies for Clean Air
    Prof. Ryotaro Matsuda / web
    Nagoya University
    Title: Structurally switchable metal organic frameworks showing highly selective guest adsorption
    Dr. Manuel Moliner / web
    Instituto de Technologia Quimica, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
    Title: Synthesis of nanosized zeolites for different catalytic applications
    Prof. Sankar Nair / web
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Title: Polycrystalline MOF Membranes - New Developments
    Dr. Nikolai Nesterenko / web
    Title: Synthesis of propylene from renewable alcohols : reaction pathways & opportunities for zeolites
    Dr. Evgeni Pidko / web
    Delft University of Technology / ITMO University, St. Petersburg
    Title: Active site cooperativity in zeolite catalysis
    Prof. Jeffrey D. Rimer / web
    University of Houston
    Title: Cooperative Effects of Inorganic and Organic Structure-Directing Agents in Zeolite Synthesis
    Dr. Simon C. Weston / web
    ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company
    Title: Synthesis and Predictive Modeling of Self-Assembling Template Free Porous Organosilicas
    Prof. Paul Wright / web
    University of St Andrews
    Title: Spectroscopic insights into the Synthesis, Activation and Catalytic activity of Zeolites
    Prof. Peng Wu / web
    East China Normal University
    Title: Design and Synthesis Large-Pore and/or New Zeolite Structures from Layered Precursors
    Dr. Dan Xie / web
    Title: Design and Target Synthesis of Novel Zeolites for Desired Applications
    Dr. Bilge Yilmaz / web
    BASF Corporation
    Title: Moving the World: Evolution of Porous Materials in Catalysis for Transportation Fuels
    Dr. Toshiyuki Yokoi / web
    Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Title: Control of Al distribution in zeolite framework and its impact on hydrothermal stability and catalytic properties
    Prof. Jihong Yu / web
    Jilin University
    Title: Zeolites as a New Platform for Applications

    ZMPC2018 at a glance pdf

    X Y Z
    5 Sun. 14:00 Registration
    16:00 Opening Ceremony of TOCAT8-ZMPC2018 Yokohama
    16:30 PL1 Prof. Avelino Corma
    18:00 Welcome reception
    6 Mon. 9:00 PL2 Prof. Xiaodong Zou
    10:00 PL3 Prof. Takao Masuda
    11:30 Oral session Oral session Oral session
    14:30 Oral session Oral session Oral session
    16:50 Oral session Oral session Oral session
    19:00 Poster session
    7 Tue. 9:00 PL4 Dr. Charles H.F. Peden
    10:00 PL5 Prof. Dongyuan Zhao
    11:30 Oral session Oral session Oral session
    14:30 Oral session Oral session Oral session
    16:30 Excursion
    8 Wed. 9:00 PL6 Prof. Yushan Yan
    10:00 PL7 Prof. Valentin Valtchev
    11:30 Oral session Oral session Oral session
    14:30 Oral session Oral session Oral session
    16:30 Poster session
    18:30 Banquet & Students Party
    9 Thu. 9:00 Oral session Oral session Oral session
    10:50 Oral session Oral session Oral session
    11:50 Closing Remarks
    Post-ZMPC2018 School

    Social Program

    TOCAT8-ZMPC2018 Welcome reception

    Date: 18:00-, Aug. 5, 2018
    Place: Room D, E, F, (3F, PACIFICO Yokohama)
    Fee: Free (Included in registration fee)

    Excursion, Yokohama Attractions Bus

    Date: Afternoon, Aug. 7, 2018
    Place: Motomachi / Yamate / Chinatown / Kannai / Yamashita Park
    Fee: Free (Included in registration fee)
    Note: You need to apply in advance at on-line registeration.
    Capacity: 200


    16:30 Buses will leave Pacifico Yokohama.
    ・Yamashita Park
    ・Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen)
    ・Yokohama Chinatown, more
    19:00 Dinner at BEER NEXT, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouses (Yokohama“Aka-renga soko” in Japanese)


    Date: 18:30-20:30, Aug. 8, 2018.
    Place: 3F,Pacific, InterContinental Yokohama Grand
    Fee: 12,000 JPY
    Note: You need to apply in advance at on-line registeration.
    Capacity: 200

    Students Party

    Date: 18:30-20:30, Aug. 8, 2018.
    Place: 海の見えるビアガーデン “はまビア!”1F, InterContinental Yokohama Grand
    Fee: 3,000 JPY
    Note: You need to apply in advance at on-line registeration.
    Capacity: 50

    Post-ZMPC2018 School

    Date: Aug. 9-11, 2018.
    Place: Kinugawa, Tochigi

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